Experienced professionals bringing clarity and order to the daily management of your personal financial and other needs


About Us

Sisters United Management & Consulting GBC (“SUM&C”) is organized as a General Benefit Corporation in Minnesota.  SUM&C was conceptualized by a group of professional women who recognized the need for daily money management services by a growing number of elders and professionals.  By organizing as a General Benefit Corporation, we have made a commitment to give back to the community by making an annual donation of a percentage of our net profits.


SUM&C provides high-quality personal financial assistance to its clients, increasing the financial security and independence of its customers.  We do this by managing your personal finances in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.  SUM&C has staff or consultants who are attorneys, accountants or social service professionals.


In order to provide secure, professional services to our customers, SUM&C offers the following assurances regarding our business and staff:

  • SUM&C carries liability insurance and all staff is bonded;
  • We conduct background checks on all potential staff;
  • Staff receive training on providing money management and budgeting services and fraud/scam detection and prevention;
  • No cash transactions;
  • SUM&C uses up-to-date data protection programs and tools.


Sisters United Management & Consulting is dedicated to providing you security and peace of mind about your personal finances.  Let us know how we can help!