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A growing professional field known as Daily Money Management is becoming more and more prevalent across the country. Daily Money Managers (DMMs) help individuals and families with their personal financial paperwork. This may include bill paying, checkbook balancing, filing, organizing and budgeting, as well as submitting and tracking medical insurance claims. Many DMMs provide either social support services or local referrals to such services.

Who uses a Daily Money Manager?  Older adults as well as busy professionals are likely to engage the services of a Daily Money Manager. DMM services can help older adults maintain independence while providing their adult children with peace of mind, knowing their parents’ needs are being met. Many individuals and families have busy lives that leave little time for leisure pursuits.  Daily Money Management services can give them more time for themselves by taking care of a variety of personal business and paperwork tasks.

Sisters United Management & Consulting GBC, serving the Twin Cities, is a company available to help local clients with their daily money management needs. Marcy Harris, Esq., President and Founder of Sisters United Management & Consulting GBC, has an extensive background working with seniors, vulnerable adults and non-profit social service organizations. She has been actively involved in the community for many years.

Sisters United Management & Consulting is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers – a membership organization comprised of individuals and organizations who provide daily money management services directly to their own clients. AADMM is committed to supporting daily money management services in an ethical manner, to providing information and education to members and the public, and to developing a network of dedicated professionals. For more information go to: www.aadmm.com or contact the association directly at 814-357-9191.